Software caused connection abort - Only when i navigate to shared folder. It's a bug?

On other room i have a OSMC installed on my RPi2 (latest build whit today latest upgrade i thinks)… this Pi2 have IP

On another room i have a PC Windows 7 X64 whit all windows update activated and some folder shared for “All Users”.

All two it’s connected by LAN… and not wi-fi…

I ever used to see anytipe of movie on my Raspberry directly picked from lan (xvid… x264 etc etc) using, i thinks, SMB and i never have problems during stream but i obtain this problems sometime when i try to step back from a folder using the “…” option:
At this point i can watch the spin and please wait but nothing append and after about 30/40 i can see this error.

Click “OK” and i’m back to File… at this point i can enter to folder… retry to step back and same problems… because ?
It’s a bug ? Or i have make some mistake on OSMC or windows sharing folder ?

Nothings can have the same problems ?!?!?!

When you added the source did you specify a hostname or an IP address for the smb:// path ? If a hostname, give your PC a static IP reservation on your router, then remove the source and re-add it using an IP address.

Connecting via Samba to a hostname is known to be somewhat unreliable in Kodi.

Another possible cause of connection problems is that the desktop versions of Windows 7 only allow up to 10 incoming SMB connections at once. If you have several devices on your network connecting to shares on that PC it can also cause the problem you describe. (Note: one device may use more than one simultaneous connection so it can still happen with less than 10 devices on the network)

If rebooting the Windows machine allows it to connect again for a while this is probably the issue.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm… i don’t remember… how i can check if i put the ip or smb name ?

i have checked i have put:

It’s the IP of my PC where it’s it the sharing folder… it’s ok ?

I have the same problem.
I have three Raspberry Pis in the same network. A hard drive is connected to one of them. When trying to connect via SMB to the hard drive I get the ‘Software caused connection abort’ message. From Windows PC I’m able to connect to the external hard drive. From any of the Raspberry Pis it’not possible. The strange thing is that I’m able to connect to the home folder of the RPi which is connected to the hard drive.
I’m running the latest Krypton build. The Pis are connected to the router via LAN.
Here is the log:

Since today’s update I have access to the hard drive by nfs at least. Smb is still not working and causes an error.