Software decoding of SD Mpeg2 very choppy

On occasion I find that the HW deinterlacing on the Vero gets caught out with some of my DVDs. So I restricted Mpeg2 acceleration to HD and up, but now my DVD-sourced mkv files are very choppy but audio is fine. Surely the Vero ought to be able to cope?

Is your UI set to 4k? If you would like to post a log we can take a look at your settings and maybe spot what is going on.

MPEG2 DVD playback should be OK. I wonder if you have an advanced scaler enabled that’s causing a problem.

thanks for considering. Here’s a log. I run a 1080 system, appreciate any advice. No issues with MPEG2 in HW decoding, in SW picture is very choppy, although audio is not corrupted.

Does the CPU usage look high?

CPU stats are in the 40-50% range. I’ve tried the different deinterlace options and none give smooth playback.

Can you post MediaInfo and possibly a small sample of the file? I’m suspecting an issue with the file here


Also: try disable video mode whitelisting

Every DVD-sourced file I have looked at recently has this problem. No post-rip processing applied to the files. I can PM you a link to a couple of samples.

The Whitelist field in my advanced settings view is blank, how do I disable it if no resolutions have been whitelisted?

Are they mkv files ? Avis ? mp4 ? Or something even more exotic ? I’d mux it to mkv just to be sure it’s not a container issue

thanks, everything is mkv direct from source, no conversion etc.

Oh that’s odd than I guess it could be a real bug that most people probably dont notice if they don’t disable hw acceleration on purpose.

Is it playing fine with hw acceleration enabled ?

Yes, fine with HW enabled. I was just looking to see if I could get some improvements using SW for SD content, and found the problem.

I saw that the file you were playing was just ripped so I went over to the forum for the program you used to see if there was any current issues. I did not find anything but I did find older posts that said that straight rips are not always without issues with some players particularly with interlaced DVD’s. The recommendation that I kept seeing was to run the files through handbrake to remove the interlacing. I think I have seen others post here issues with some files that are fixed just by running them though mkvtoolnix to fix whatever weird thing is going on with the container.

I remux’d a file through MKVToolNix and it had no impact, SW playback still very choppy. Also choppy on old rips, doubt it’s a version issue with makemkv. Burning in the deinterlacing has pros and cons, I have done it successfully on some files but am not looking to do that on the whole library. HW playback on the Vero is generally fine, I had assumed it would play SD MPEG2 without problem via SW playback, hence the post here.

I started my current library by ripping over 600 DVD’s with handbrake (I had four computers going continuously for a week, LOL) so I understand the reluctance to do so. If you change your mind the batch processing in handbrake currently works quite well. It takes a few minutes to get the system figured out but I have successfully batched hundreds of files at the same time successfully.