Solid Red Light

Noticed this morning that the Vero 4K has a solid red light. Tried alternate power supply, solid red light, tried usb power, light gives one red flash. Computer does see any device attached. Unit has just gone 3 years old so not sure where to go now.
Thanks for any advice.

This means it’s booting. Did you try with HDMI attached?


Hi Sam,
Yes that worked! Where to now?

It’s looking like PSU death. Are you sure the ‘alternate’ PSU is good for 2A?

Hi Grahamh,
Yes the other PSU puts out up to 2.5A. As the Vero is now running fine by USB power I’m happy to leave it as it is unless there is a reason not to. If not I’m happy to purchase another PSU.
Thanks for the quick replies,