[Solved] 5.1 sound output configuration

I need some help figuring out my sound output setup.
Before I switched to the Pi 2, I had this exact same set-up and everything worked fine, on a PC set-up as a media center.
My connection is as follows, all via HDMI: Pi 2 > Smart TV > 5.1 receiver
The reason I want this set-up is I don’t always use my 5.1 system, so I don’t want to have to turn it on/off every time I use OSMC. When the receiver is off, I just get 2 channel stereo output.

The problem is that if I set-up audio support to anything other than 2.0 channels in OSMC, it will drop channels in 5.1 movies and I don’t hear voices, for example.
What would be the proper configuration to get this setup working correctly, any ideas?

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I think my lack of understanding caused me to select too many options willy nilly. My receiver supports DTS, so what I did was enabled pass through and DTS and everything seems to work just fine now. Number or channel selection is irrelevant with pass through as I understand it, correct? Pi will just send the sound out and let the TV or receiver handle the decoding.