[Solved] After reimaging Vero 4k installation of IPTV Simple Client fails


I have flashed OSMC version 20221101 on my Vero 4k.

Now I want to install IPTV Simple Client, but this fails with error

2023-03-13 13:15:20.515 T:5474    ERROR <general>: IAddonInstanceHandler::CreateInstance: pvr.iptvsimple returned bad status "Permanent failure" during instance creation
2023-03-13 13:15:20.515 T:5474    ERROR <general>: UpdateAddons: Failed to create add-on PVR IPTV Simple Client, status = 5
2023-03-13 13:15:20.527 T:5474    DEBUG <general>: CAddonMgr: pvr.iptvsimple disabled
2023-03-13 13:15:20.528 T:3627    DEBUG <general>: Repository add-on repository.xbmc.org uses plain HTTP for add-on downloads in path http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/matrix - this is insecure and will make your Kodi installation vulnerable to attacks if enabled!

You can check debug log here: https://paste.osmc.tv/ujaxekakih.xml

Can you please advise how to fix this error?



Rebooting Vero 4k fixed this issue.