[Solved] Audio POP When Exiting Pause In Music Player

When playing music, I press pause to pause playback. When I hit play, while paused, there is a loud POP as the music starts again. Is there something I can do to stop this?

No clues as to what platform you’re installed on, what audio output method you’re using (HDMI, Analog, SPDIF, USB) etc ?

Without a lot more information about your set up nobody will be able to help you. Please provide as much information as possible about how you have your system set up.

Sorry about the lack of information. I’m using a Raspberry Pi B+ (not the Pi 2). I’m using the HDMI output connected to an HDMI-to-VGA converter with a 3.5mm audio out. I have this audio out connected to my stereo.

After more testing, I’m more likely to get the POP if the unit has been in pause more than a minute or two.

Have a look in Settings->System->Audio (I think) there is a keep alive option that defaults to 1 minute, change it to stay permanently active.

It’s your HDMI to VGA adaptor generating the pop each time HDMI audio is re initialised.

That fixed it. I almost couldn’t find that menu entry. I didn’t realize I could scroll down further. I might have figured it out for myself if I’d seen that entry. I’ll have to go through all the menus again trying to scroll down to unseen items. :smile:

Thanks for your help.