[Solved] Buffer size of videos after update

Hi All,

Great work on the new update.

Just a small issue/query, after I’ve had the last few updates I’ve noticed the buffer (the light grey bar in the progress bar) isn’t as big prior to the update? Nothing has changed in the system set up apart from the changes to OSMC.

I’m using the below advanced settings and getting media from a NFS mount:

The on screen display doesn’t seem to show the buffer size so is it my settings no longer being used or another change in the system? How could I check?


  1. It helps if you use the “preformatted text” button when posting configuration files
  2. See here http://kodi.wiki/view/Kodi_v17_(Krypton)_FAQ, buffering settings have change

<cachemembuffersize> and <readbufferfactor> - In v17 <cachemembuffersize> is renamed to <memorysize> and <readbufferfactor> is renamed to <readfactor>. In addition, all three buffer related settings in <network> are moved out of <network> and into a new <cache> parent tag. <minvideocachelevel>, <minaudiocachelevel>, and <cacheindvdplayer> have been removed in v17.

Thanks @fzinken.

Apologies, I hadn’t noticed the formatting had gone astray.

My search skills failed me on your second point, thanks for providing that link. I knew I was missing something!