[SOLVED] Can’t put a poster in folders of movies


When I put my folders in “Series” mode, I get a poster of the series, but when the folder is in “Movies” mode I can’t put a poster on the folder.

See the picture to see an example of my problem.

Any ideas?


Not sure what you mean by movies and TV show mode. Are your files scraped into the movie and TV show library?

Maybe this might help: How to show picture in folder for a thumbnail?

If your not scanning them into a library you must have each movie in its own folder and the artwork should be named poster.jpg (or .png, .gif, etc.).

I have a folder with my movies in, some movies in their own folder, but 10 movies in the main movie folder. So it’s scraped without the “movies in seperate folder”. All of them scrapes correctly, but those with in their own folder, the folder doesn’t get a “picture”. I’ve solved it with a workaround:

  • Mark the folder
  • Open context menus (c on the keyboard or menu button on OSMC remote)
  • Scan to library, it will come up with the movie already scraped
  • Chose art
  • Poster

Chose the first remote art(any art you want). go back twice and the folder should have a poster.

This is a Kodi bug, tried in Window, and same procedure worked there.

I found the solution, which for me is probably a bug. In fact I have to choose “Analyze to the media library” then choose the illustration then choose Poster, FanArt or Banner, choose another “Remote” even if it is the same, and here the folder then carries the poster we want.

I hope it will help someone.