[SOLVED] Cannot SSH using the domain name (mediacenter.local)

Hi Guys, Last night I upgraded my windows and since then even though I am able to ping mediacenter.local, I am not able to ssh to the raspberry pi using the domain name.

Do you have any ideas?


Did you change the domainname? The default is osmc.local

Yes I did. I am able to SSH from my phone to it but not from my pc anymore

Do you have iTunes installed ?

The .local hostname is resolved using Bonjour not normal DNS lookups, so if bonjour is not working properly it won’t resolve.

Reinstall iTunes or if you don’t use iTunes install Bonjour for Windows.

Not sure why you can ping the hostname though…what is the error message given by your ssh client ?

Hi @DBMandrake. It was Bonjour indeed. I did not have it installed on my PC and this resolved my issue. I was able to ping the hostname, but i could not ssh using the .local suffix
Thank you!