[SOLVED]Change language's scraper


Since few days, all my video’s information are in english and, sorry, i’m french…i doesn’t understand very well!

so i’ve searched in the parameter a way to change language and i’ve found it.


Now, when i add a new movie, its information is in french but the old movies stay in english.

Does somebody can tell me how to launch a global scan to change tha language of all my movies?


You may wish to re-create the library. I’m not aware of a way to force a rescan for all content. Maybe you can invoke context menu on the source and select ‘Re-scan’.


Hello Sam,

this option doesn’t exist, or i don’t find it.

thanks for help

i’ve found this in KODI manual:

'Refresh by source/folder
Remove a source/folder from the library by changing the content setting to “None”.
When Kodi asks you if you want to remove those items from the library, say yes.
Kodi will then show a progress bar and remove those entries.
Change the content setting back to what it was before.
Kodi will then rescan in those entries

i will try’

GOOD solution!