[solved] Do not upgrade if you use the Confluence skin

There seems to be a problem with the upgrade and the confluence skin.

After the upgrade you cannot access the settings in the option tab. Instead you will find a link to MyOSMC.

So here comes my question. How can I access the settings to switch the skin or how can I restore the Options Menu in the Confluence skin to regain access to the settings.
I desperately need to switch the audio from HDMI to spdif to get sound again. But to do this I need to access the settings.

You can enter the settings menu in confluence by pressing the main “System” button instead.

I will check this when I am at home but I think I tried that already.

Nevertheless.Thanks I will post my results here.

Chris, I replied to your other post

You can get in to Settings by pressing System directly

Now you tell us?

I would imagine it’s fairly intuitive. Many skins don’t have the Settings option as a tab.


Pardon ?

In the name of continuing to further the user experience of OSMC we make changes all the time - that’s what updates are. We don’t list every single tiny change made to the system.

Thanks all for the clarification.

I was not aware that you can press the SYSTEM or (OPTION in other languages) to get to the settings as well.