[Solved] Getting OSMC/TVHeadend to recognize HDHomeRun Tuner (ATSC)

OK, so Frys put the HDHomeRun Connect tuners on sale so I am now committed to a LAN-based tuner. Time will tell if it’s the right choice…but I need to get OSMC/TVHeadend to talk to it to find out…

My problem is that I seem to be able to get TVHeadend installed. Tried thru the Video/Add-ons in OSMC and not sure if that did anything. Then I found 1 posting that showed how to compile/install TVH and I got the web configuration page. I could add a network (ATSC-based) and the mux count came up at 13. But there was nothing listed under Configuration/TV Adapters (except a TV Adapter folder). Using hdhomerun_config discover util returned a device no. (7 digs, 1 letter) and an IP addr (which was valid in my network). That was last night.

This morning thought I’d try again and found this suggestion by a Harry L.:

sudo -s

apt-get update

apt-get install git build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev
dvb-firmware-osmc dvb-tools libdvbv5-0 liburiparser-dev liburiparser1
libavahi-client-dev zlib1g-dev libavcodec-dev libavutil-dev
libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libhdhomerun-dev libhdhomerun1 hdhomerun-config cmake

Seemed to compile OK and when I deleted/readded the network, I now had 68 muxes listed, but still nothing under TV Adapter tab.

Feels like I’m missing a small piece for the connection.

Any help or insight appreciated.


I added support for HDHomeRun to the OSMC version of TVHeadend in the App Store quite a while back. I would recommend trying that first.

I thought I tried that. Maybe I only thought I did…

So, with the compiling I’ve done for TVH, will that affect its functionality if I now download from the App Store, or will it just pretty much get overwritten? And, is it really obvious which one it is (like the only one)?

Thanks. I’ll report back on my progress…

It’s the only one :slight_smile:

Not sure – depends how exactly you installed it. I’d recommend removing the .hts folder in home directory, and trying to run ‘make uninstall’. If it’s packaged well it will remove all the files and OSMC’s App Store version should be able to replace it smoothly.



Update: I looked at TVH service (systemctl status tvheadend.service) and it was loaded but not running so I wondered about a conflict and stopped/disabled it and tried another d/l of TVH from the App Store again. Still no luck.

TVH works, the hdhomerun is online and accessible (both by the hdhomrun_config and ping). It seems like I’m missing the small piece (of code?) that allows TVH to connect with the tuners.

Thanks for the continued support.

OK. Just tried “make uninstall” and I get the msg: No rule to make target ‘uninstall’

I also attempted (again) installing TVH from the App Store and realized this time why it failed. Bad url in sources.list. Corrected that and got another window, different msg:

Error installing: armv7-tvheadend-app-osmc (4.09.3)

(or something close to that…computer is upstairs from the RPI/HD system).

When I go back to the App Store, it does not show TVH as being installed (duh :frowning:

Oh, and no .hts directory in the osmc home directory.

Any ideas/suggestions of where I go from here?


It’s hard to suggest without knowing which commands you ran. Reinstalling maybe easiest

UPDATE: I figured out how to completely (as best as I could tell) remove/purge TVH. Then I tried a reinstall from the App Store and…voila’…it’s functioning as expected. Easier than I thought (had I not injected unnecessary steps along the way…ahh, but that’s how we learn…right? :slight_smile:

Just 1 more immediate question…Both tuners show up under TV Adapters, both at same IP addr (as expected), with a Tuner 0 and a Tuner 1. What I’m wondering (and maybe this does make sense if I think about it) is that Tuner 0 shows its linked input as Tuner 1, and Tuner 1 linked input as Tuner 0. I assume this is right, but am curious what linked input means (if you know, that is).

One other thing…I noticed that I am now back to 13 muxes. Hmmmm…wonder what the other 55 muxes were before? Maybe STD broadcast channels?

Thanks again for your patience and help.


Reinstalling? TVH (if I can figure out how to uninstall it :frowning: or OSMC?

OK. Progress in “baby steps”. Can see the tuners, network is set up, “channels” have been scanned and mapped. Can’t quite figure out the best PVR add-on to use and how to get it to talk to TVH. I tried MythTV, TVH HTSP (not sure if that’s really a PVR) and (PVR) HDHomeRun.

All I seem to get when I select live TV is something about PVR hasn’t started yet or waiting for PVR to start.

Anyone have any suggestions to help me beyond this point?

On a related but somewhat separate point…when configuring the network for Pre-defined Muxes, I make a selection (United States: us-ATSC-center…) and do a save. However, if I edit that same network, Pre-defined Muxes goes back to “Select Pre-Defined Muxes”.

Should I be concerned? When I do an edit on any 1 of the nearly 70 muxes, Delivery System → ATSC.

Anyways…so close, I can almost taste it :slight_smile:

Appreciate anyone’s input…thx and cheers…

If you want to connect to TVHeadend (instead of the HD Homerun directly) you would use TVHeadend addon. After activating it you need to configure it (IP address, User and Password).

UPDATE: Must have done something wrong yesterday. Went back and reconfigured TVH HTSP (think I may have had a misspelled password :(and I now have live TV. Getting fairly good signals on a small (9") antenna on a north facing wall (behind 4 other townhomes in an 8-townhome building). Broadcast towers are 35+ miles away. Just need to figure out PVR and program schedule stuff

I did notice a couple of things while scanning thru available stations:

  1. More than a few times when I clicked from 1 station to the next, it looked like OSMC (not the system) went thru a reboot.
  2. A couple of times it looked like a station had horizontal control problems (3 horizontal line-laden image of the same video).
  3. Other times it looked like the video was in slow motion even tho the audio was normal speed
  4. I also just had the system crash: screen went blank, not sound from video or OSMC. Had to do a reboot.

Are these things other people have experienced?

Thanks again for the help. Knew it was something small :))

Did not realize that. Are you referring to the TVH HTSP?

Let me put out what I seem to understand (nto a lot of documentation to understand what goes where) and let me know how close (or way off) I am…(not quite the graphic I expected :frowning:


(MythTV, HDHomeRun, etc.)?
(LAN) ||
HDHomeRun Tuner(s)

Essentially, there’s the HDHomeRun tuner <-> TVHeadEnd Tuner interface layer <-> TVH HTSP(?) <-> PVR (Or is the TV HTSP the PVR).


Maybe power problem, do you sometimes see the thunderbolt in the top right corner?

Most likely will depend on the video encoding. Check out the streams and you might need to purchase the MPEG2 key for the raspberry

Haven’t noticed it, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Until I installed TVH, etc. never had that problem.

What I have seen when it looks like a reboot is the blue screen with a sad ( :frowning: ) face.

I was planning to purchase an MPEG2 license anyway. So, I’ll do that and see if it helps at all.

Thanks and cheers…

If it continues and you believe the power supply is not the issue enable debugging and provide logs to be reviewed.

OK. Will do. Thanks. The problem was in “preview” mode (using TVH) and I discovered if I deselect a station (uses “Stop” button on my remote) before stepping to the next I don’t get the reboot issue.

Question about PVR…I may want to test out others…Currently I have TVH loaded for both low level and (what I would guess is the) PVR functions. If I wanted to go to another PVR system (i.e. MythTV, HDHomeRun, etc.) would I also have to change the low level software? Or are other (or some) PVRs capable of working with TVH low level interface?


Yes, each PVD addon is a frontend for the respective backend.
I also don’t understand why you want to test another PVR addon the representation in Kodi would not change.

So, if I understand you correctly, the only changes between different PVRs might (tho not necessarily) be specific features/functions. However, from the user interface and experience, there would be no noticeable difference (except for maybe more or less features/functions available). Essentially, OSMC (or whatever skin I choose) is what I would always see. Is that true?



Follow on question…

Some of the PVRs (HDHomeRun is one) mention about a paid guide service (for programming purposes) available at a cost. Is that absolute, or can one of the free guide services available be implemented?

Thanks again for all the help!!!