[SOLVED] How do you access the command line from osmc headless

I have a osmc headless version on a raspberry pi installed.
I have a keyboard connected and I would like to access the command line, but pressing ESC on the splash screen does not seem to work.

Would you have any idea on how I can access the command line? (I don’t have internet access at the moment, I want to test a new dongle I received).



Does power, exit and then pressing Esc work?

Thanks Tom.

how do you mean by that?
I restarted several times (powered down or CTRL + ALT + DEL ) and pressed ESC key on the keyboard after reboot.
I have a headless version, so no “exit” step from KODI.


So I enabled back KODI and doing exit then ESC gives me the command line
But I wonder if it is possible to access this command line if kodi is disabled.

You say you don’t have internet access, which I assume means you don’t have any LAN access, either, or even a router.

If you’ve assigned a static IP address on your Pi and on your PC (in the same subnet), you should normally be able to SSH using a single patch cable. It used to be that you needed a crossover cable but most ethernet interfaces will now automatically do the crossover with a standard cable.

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Ok to avoid more confusion in this thread. “headless” normally means without screen, but I guess what you are saying is that you run OSMC with Kodi/Mediacenter disabled, correct?

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Sorry, I wanted to say that I was not connected to the LAN (no Ethernet cable and new dongle), so no ssh possible.

Yes, I disabled “mediacenter” (Kodi)

So headless was the confusing part. I guess this post solves your issue

Ah! probably :slight_smile:
Thanks, I’ll test that.

Wait a while then try pressing ALT+F3.


Exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks !

Thanks for this. I was in the same boat. Kodi disabled and was headless using SSH but rpcbind failed and needed away to access console