(SOLVED) How to find root cause for buffering with 4K content?

I stream from an unRAID box, and am getting really bad buffering with 4K content, doesn’t happen with 1080p. I don’t have a 4K screen, yet, so I’m downsampling on the go with Vero 4K+. How do I figure out whether my wired LAN speeds are the issue, or the downsampling?

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Thanks for the link, should have searched first…

I get speeds of 92+ mbits per second in both directions testing with iperf3 which should be fast enough to stream UHD bluray rips (40 GB or smaller per two hours), so that suggests network is not the issue, and it’s the downsampling?

Not quite. Iperf is rather low level so there is other factors involved. You might try a system mount as Kodi paths are not always the most performant.

To find out if you had an issue that was not network related you would have to actually take the network out of the equation. This would normally entail copying a file to USB storage and playing it from there to see if your problems persist.

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I mounted via fstab (had to reboot, mounting from CLI didn’t work for some reason even as root), and did a quick test with UHD streaming and it worked really well!

Thank you for the quick and very helpful guidance!

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