[SOLVED] Incorrect time on OSMC

My OSMC pi is 7 minutes ahead of my current time and its causing sych problems between folders that i have connected to my Pi (i’m using Resilio sych). I checked my time zones and i originally had it set to american/Chicago but that was set to several hours behind where I was so I had to change it to Spain timezone because that was literally 7 minutes ahead of the time on my PC. I can’t get it any closer than that.

I guess it’s possible that NTP isn’t working on your Pi or is being blocked somewhere.

Please run grab-logs -A and let us know the URL.

If the time is ahead, it actually sounds like the other devices might not be in sync.

Reboot and see if it fixes things.

As i was looking around i found that my Pi wasn’t connected to the internet. So i looked at my network settings and found that my default gateway was gone, not sure how that happened but i put the gateway back in then rebooted and now its fixed. Thanks anyway you two.