Solved-Integration with older audio processor

Very glad to have come across the Vero product. It checks off almost all my boxes except one. As you may have guessed, the topic nails the question.

I fully understand that the question may be unanswerable on the forum and the only “solution” may be to buy the Vero V ( once in stock ) and simply see if it will work with the audio processor.

The processor is a Umc-200 which supports hi def audio codecs ( DTS-MA, Dolby True HD ) from my blu ray player, an Oppo 103D.
However the UMC-200 only supports hdmi 1.4. ( Note: I am NOT replacing the processor, the unit is rock stable and works perfectly ) The question is: With the Vero V playing back a 1080p video passing through the DTS-MA to the processor, will the different versions of HDCP ( on the Vero V, the processor and the TV) muck things up? ( HDMI is supposed to be backward compatible which is why I did not ask about HDMI, but about HDCP. )

Upon looking at this question, the answer is probably “buy one and see if it works”. I just don’t like doing that if it can be avoided!


Just by using some google-fu I found out, since I don’t know your AVR, this information:

“For starters, HDCP 2.2 is the first version that’s not backwards compatible. That’s right, new devices that use HDCP 2.2 technology will not work with older devices that use previous versions. This creates a firm barrier between TVs, media players, Blu Ray players and other devices manufactured before and after 2013”

“Aug 24, 2018 LATEST RELEASE UMC-200 FIRMWARE v.52

The firmware on the UMC-200 has not been upgraded in quite some time.
If you are experiencing specific issues, and have older firmware, then updating the firmware may help.
HOWEVER we DO NOT recommend “updating just to have the latest firmware” if your UMC-200 is otherwise working well. / Keith Levkoff, Technical Guru Emotiva Audio”

Vero5 use the HDCP version 2.2., as did the Vero4k(+) if I remember correctly… @sam_nazarko might correct me if I’m wrong.

If your playing files you have already acquired then there is no HDCP signaling to worry about. AFAIK It would only be an issue if you use an add-on for a streaming provider that requires it.

We don’t output HDCP2.2 by default, so you won’t have issues


Thank you for that about HDCP…what a draconian decision they made!

@darwindesign Thank you. So with my files I am fine but streaming may be an issue…no worries there…streaming is losing its luster rather quickly. If need be I can simply use the older roku for that.

@sam_nazarko Thank you. Consider me sold…once I can find it in stock that is. No worries, the waiting is half the fun in a purchase.

Thanks Sam, for correcting me, wasn’t sure if it was implemented in the osmc-kernel. I just went with my limited knowledge about the hardware of vero4k and extrapolated to Vero5.