[SOLVED] LCDProc not working after update

so I have an adafruit usb serial backpack that I had functioning fine on my vero 4k prior to the december update. lcdproc still works as I get the startup and shutdown messages, but since the update it doesn’t seem to be reading any info from the lcd.xml file. I’m not sure if something has changed with the new release or not that i am unaware of. thanks in advance.

I uninstalled lcdproc via apt-get followed by an auto remove. Once that was done I reinstalled it all and force updated the lcdproc addon inside kodi and everything started working again as normal.

EDIT: After a couple days and a restart I noticed that the service was not restarting on boot so I simply added “sudo LCDd” to /etc/rc.local. restarted a few times to make sure it all works now and it’s right as rain.