[Solved] LiveTV Shuttering?

Hey Sam,

I’m in France.

If you can ssh in to the Vero, https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/accessing-the-command-line/ does

sudo systemctl restart tvheadend

fix it?

I just tried. Restarting the service doesn’t change anything. I still have a No Signal :confused:

Could it be as simple as a poor antenna or antenna connection?

Does it impact recordings as well?


Ok. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Deactivated TVHeadend client in extension management
  • Uninstalled TVHeadend server in OSMC app store
  • I did: rm ~/.hts/*
  • Rebooted Vero4K
  • Installed TVHeadend server in OSMC app store
  • Rebooted Vero4K

Then, I followed this guide: Watching live TV with a USB DVB tuner or network TV tuner

So, I selected French as my language, as my authorized network, selected network 3 (Sony CXD2837ER DVB-T adapter) and Generic as pre-defined muxes (previously, I used the realtek adapter).

The scan finds 57 muxes and 40 services.

I activated the TVHeadend client, and tested the live tv. Everything worked smoothly.
Then I rebooted the Vero4K just to test if it’s ok after a reboot and… yes :grimacing:

So it seems that my problem was that I used the realtek adapter in the first place :expressionless:

I’m sorry I wasted your time since I found the solution myself :see_no_evil:

Thanks, and I hope this post will eventually help someone else.

Now I’ll go back to bed :sleeping_bed:



I just tried it again. And if the reboot problem is no longer here, I still have the shuttering issue…

After some time, I have to reboot the vero4k to have a smooth experience with live TV. No problem with the audio, only the video is shuttering. Lots of artefacts, and lots of lags.

I’ll try to send you a debug link.

Here’s a debug log link:

And here’s a recording of the live TV with the shuttering I’m experiencing:

Yup, that’s crap. It’s the sort of result I get if the antenna signal strength is poor.

You’re saying that by the video or by the logs?

Because if I reboot the device, everything is much better for some time (say 10/15 minutes).

The video is crap. What signal strengths are you getting from the status tab of the tvheadend webui?

68.6dBm after a reboot.
28.3dB s-t-n ratio.
I have no issue at all.

Then, after a while… The signal drops to 47.5dBm with 30.8 db s-t-n ratio. That’s when the video shuttering occurs.

If I reboot the vero4k, I go back to a higher signal.

Testing here - I get problems when the signal strength is less than about 40dB. But if I select ‘Force old status’ in the DVB Input settings I have no problems. Try that.


grahamh, would you marry me?

Thanks a lot. This solved my problem.


I’m experiencing the same issue.
Where can I find the mentioned settings:

I can’t see it under DVB Inputs -> TV adapters in my Tvheadend web interface.

I’m using Realtek RTL2832 TV adapter with OSMC Vero 4k


You may need to change view to expert to see it.

Thanks Tom.


It’s there:

As Tom says, you have to be in expert view mode.

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Thank you both. I found it after changing the view to expert.
And it works!

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This won’t be needed after the next update


Will I need to uncheck the force old status after the update?