[SOLVED] Lost Kodi app access (from iPhone) over wifi

One of those D’oh!!! moments for me :frowning:

I hadn’t noticed it before, but somewhere along the way my iPhone switched wifi connections. I have 2 similar named (but distinctly different :slight_smile: wifi networks with one version set up for when I have guests (to keep them off the main wifi network). My iPhone must have lost connection with the main wifi and automatically switched over to the guest one…and it took me a bit of time to realize that (certainly became more obvious after I was able to connect to the RPI3/OSMC system from both my Touchpad and a housemate’s iPhone with the same Kodi remote as is on my iPhone).

Apologies for having wasted the electrons and the space…cheers…

My RPI3/OSMC system had been running very smoothly for quite some time (~1 year) without problems). I had been using the Kodi Remote App on my iPhone since buttons on my receiver remote seem to be wearing out :frowning:

It would seem that some time since the most recent OSMC/Kodi update, my iPhone remote app stopped working. Seems the app can no longer find the Kodi system on my home network. However, I can see, and access, the RPI3/OSMC system from other computers on my network.

Things I’ve done to solve the problem:

  1. Checked to make sure the OSMC settings had not changed and still allowed remote access over http.
  2. Deleted and then downloaded/reinstalled the Kodi Remote app
  3. Reset/rebooted the RPI3/OSMC system
  4. Checked that the routers (wifi and others) to the RPI3/OSMC were reset and functional (assumed they were anyways since I can see the system from other computers on my network)
  5. iPhone - Turned off/on (rather than just into standby) to make sure nothing had changed on that.

I do have the Kodi Remote app installed on an Android-based HP Touchpad that I have yet to try. I will do that, but I’m not that optimistic at the moment :frowning:

At this point, I still haven’t regained remote access to the RPI3/OSMC system from my iPhone. So, I’m unsure where the problem might be :frowning:

As usual, open to any suggestions…thx in advance…Cheers…