Solved: Music sub menu is empty ('..')

While Videos and Pictures are fine. Behavior started today.

My unit is RPiB.

You need to provide more context. What have you done and what did you expect that didn’t occur? Debug logs would also probably be useful.

I expect to see the sub menu to list (‘Files’, "Playlist’, ‘Music Add-ons’). Now it’s just (’…)

What skin?


Default skin.

That is a system log. The Kodi log is what would be needed, though it’s probably not relevant in this case. I suspect the issue is with the skin, probably due to it being a work in progress.

Switch back to confluence, it’s already installed, add your music source, then switch back to OSMC skin. I’m not in front of an OSMC system at the moment so this is all I can offer.

Appreciate your help. You are correct it is a Skin issue. Your suggestion helps. :smile: