[SOLVED] OSMC Kernel Version on VERO

Hi, is OSMC for VERO still running on 3.14 kernel or has this been updated to a later version?
uname -r returns 4.4.0-1-osmc, but I’m thinking this isn’t and indication of debian base kernel. Am I correct? I’m trying to get my DVB tuner (Triplestick 292e) working but it’s pointless without 3.16 or later I think.

BTW, I know there is a thread covering this, but it’s quite old now and haven’t seen any updates on progress with the 292e on VERO.

I am not 100% sure what you are trying to say here. But uname always returns the Kernel number of the currently running Kernel. So yes, Vero is running Kernel 4.4.0 and I am not sure if it ever has run 3.14.

You also could have read the blog post of January update that tells you Vero now uses 4.4 OSMC's January update is here! - OSMC

In regards to your tuner If you would have searched the forum you would have seen a few people talking about it and at least here someone with success Dvb-c usb-stick

If you have any doubt about your stick working I suggest to post the dmesg logs so that we can review.

Yes, this returns Sam’s OSMC Kernel for VERO, but this is “based” on debian, back around mid last year it was based on debian 3.14. So, what I’m asking is what debian kernel is OSMC 4.4.0 based on nowadays?

I did search, I searched A LOT… yes people have had success with this tuner, but with the RPi2, not the VERO. RPi2 OSMC is/was based on debian kernel 3.16, which is why I’m asking if VERO still runs on 3.14.

I’ll see if I can get a dmesg log for you to look at. Cheers

OSMC ships a kernel for each device. It does not come from Debian upstream (as a lot of hardware compatibility for Pi, Vero, etc, is not upstream yet).

We are not governed by the Debian kernel release cycle, which I do believe is 3.16 for Jessie. Running uname -a will always give you the version of the currently running kernel.

OSMC shipped a 3.14 kernel for Vero 1 in March 2015 and moved to 4.x in July 2015. We’re on 4.4 now which is the latest mainline kernel and I plan to stick with this for a while as it is an LTS kernel.

I can look at improving tuner support if you let me know what driver you need. You may also be missing the firmware files. dmesg is the place to start, as is lsusb (apt-get install usb-utils first)

Thank Sam, that cleared it up.

I need the driver for the pctv tripleStick 292e, I think it’s probably already in there…?

I’ve already added the firmware to /lib/firmware and I think it’s working ok, but scans in tvheadend keep coming up FAILED.

I’ll have a look into dmesg and lsusb. Cheers

I’ll close this out as SOLVED, and start a new thread relating to the tuner with my logs.