SOLVED: OSMC on Raspberry 4 - Joystick restrictions

I downloaded OSMC on Raspberry 4, installed, configured it and it runs really fine.

I even configured a wireless Torrid Gamepad to work with the software (its an XBOX compatible wireless joystick; i have it and use it for retropie) and it even works as desired but i am missing some important features.

If i press the “i” button on the keyboard it shows the detailed movie information (content, actors …) but i have no idea how to display it using the joystick. The same problem is with the context menu (keybord “c”).

Without remote acessing these functions i cannot use it in the desired way. ( a relaxed movie evening)

Is there a way to assign keybord inputs to a special joystick button ( there are for example the joystick shoulder button assignments which i do not need for OSMC)

Kodi allows for a lot of customization in this regard and it is called keymapping. If your only needing simple modifications the quickest method that requires the least learning curve would be to install an add-on called “keymap editor”. You can find more information on the Kodi wiki…


It´s so simple if you know it.

After spending many hour (editing configs and even with the keymap editor) i found the solution accidentially.

Just press the “A” button on the joystick for a longer time and the context menu appears which hold the additional information depending on the context. It`s bad that this information ist not found anywhere. ( or better i did not find it in the KODI or OSMC information)

Maybe the OSMC makers can convince me now buying their hardware to have a standalone product and not using my raspberry. It seems to be a good product but the hardware is a litte bit old …

I read 5 years of Software update and the device is 4 years old ! Just 1 year?

That would mean that your joystick is sending an enter or return keypress when you hit the “a” button. The holding it down is called a “long press”. You can still change the mapping if you wanted to make it so it brought up the context menu on a regular press or performed whatever function you wanted, you just can’t do it with the keymap editor. There is only a couple of buttons that the Keymap Editor can’t manipulate and you happened to run into one of them (esc is another). To work around this you have to manually make a keymap.

Read this: Vero 4K + support and manufacturing updates - OSMC

The first Vero 4K release was in February 2017 and support would’ve officially ended in February 2022 as per our initial support commitment. It hasn’t – and we’ve extended support. Vero 4K + was then released in the Summer of 2018 (I say Summer as we had some serious shipment delays from initial launch).

The Raspberry Pi is 3.5 years old – yet I’m sure you didn’t bat an eyelid when purchasing it (if it was recently).

We prefer to provide everything included in the box – excluding joysticks :slight_smile: and provide a long term support commitment with a focus on a single task: providing a media centre experience with excellent support. The Vero isn’t a multi-purpose Single Board Computer.