[SOLVED] OSMC remote mostly dead?

Hi, I am having trouble with my OSMC remote on Vero 4k.

For a long time, it would intermittently miss button presses (play/pause, back, arrow keys, since these were most used), so I would resort to mashing the same button lots of times, and then it would finally work after 5-6 presses.

Recently, it completely stopped working, and now I am reduced to controlling Kodi from a web page on my phone. I changed the battery, still broken. I tried to pair again by pressing and holding Ok + Home buttons for 5 seconds. The blue LED shines steady but never starts blinking as instructions suggest it should when it pairs.

The remote still has some kind of connection since it can wake up Vero (the red cross light turns off) but that is all it does. Mashing any buttons afterwards does nothing at all. Also, the screensaver dimming remains on, and I have to go to Settings > Skin > Change Colors to get rid of it.

Any advice on what to try?

Scanning other posts, I see Sam asking:

if your device is in close proximity to a router or wireless keyboard/mouse

Yes, mine sits right next to a router with a wireless gateway built in. I will try moving it further away, never thought that could be the problem (and it used to mostly work, except for missing some button presses).

Being too close to something transmitting around the 2.4ghz range can lead to missed presses. If you don’t want to physically move the boxes you could also try putting the dongle in a USB extention cable and just move the dongle farther away. The screensaver not coming off of dim would be unrelated though. I had thought that particular issue had already been sorted. Are you running a very old build?

Another alternative to control you Vero4 via a browser would be Yatse or Kore (which both are front ends to the remote service in Kodi, needs enabling in Kodi) or you could go with two other services I’ve tried:

Good luck, hope you find a solution that fits your needs.

Thanks all for helpful suggestions.

First, I tried moving the Vero 1 meter away from the router, then I started getting some responses to remote button presses, but often would have to mash buttons several times as previously.

Just now I received a 2m USB extension cable, so with it the USB receiver is 3 meters away from the gateway, and all button presses register fine in quick testing!

That sounds like an interference issue then. I would suggest to keep the dongle some distance from any other devices that are operating around the 2.4ghz range and potentially any high speed USB devices as they can sometimes radiate off some rf noise as well.

Would you mind posting a Kodi log so I may see which dongle your using. Instructions can be found [here]

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