(solved)Pvr client tvheadend not found in addons solution:-> my addons -> pvr

I dont see tvheadend or category PVR-Clients anywhere in Add-Ons

I dont see it anywhere is the list of kodi repo addons.

Is there a way to manually install it or am I supposed to add another repo for this to work?

sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-hts

is not working error message:

kodi-pvr-hts : depends on: kodi-api-pvr (= 5.2.1)
depends on kodi-api-guilib (= 5.11.0)
E: can not be corrected, hold back packages…

tried manually updates viea my OMDC but no updates available

dpkg -l | grep mediacenter-osmc | awk ‘{ print $3 }’

thanks for hints


All PVR Addons (including tvheadend) are preinstalled and you just need to enable them via the Addon Menu

Same answer that was given you before

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If I may say so, OSMC does does not make this very intuitive for a first-time user, compared to LibreELEC, so I sympathise with the OP for not having found it at first.

We try and make it more user friendly, in that an Internet connection is not needed to install any binary add-ons.

It’s possible that you are just used to the LibreELEC approach of having to install binary add-ons via the Addon manager which is not typical on all platforms, such as Ubuntu.

The idea of pre-installation of the addon makes sense. But when you do a clean install of OSMC and go to the TV part of the main menu, you see a message about it not being set up and a button is available to take you to addons, which in my experience the user then has to figure out what to do next, as when you click you are taken to the addon manager, but not directly to the installed addons to find the TVHE client. On a couple of occasions this has driven me to distraction with OSMC, as I have to remember that you need to go back to the installed addons first. We each have our own view on what is intuitive, this is an area where I think LE is just more intuitive. Also LE does not have the separation of the TVHE server in an “app store”, for me it takes amore consistent approach.

Pre-installation is for convenience. For example if a user wants to play RAR files, they need a VFS add-on, but might not have an Internet connection.

LE doesn’t have a package manager, so they slightly (ab)use the Kodi add-on system to install things like TVHeadend.

I hadn’t thought about that and we might be able to make it more apparent.

Hi, sorry , back again on same topcic.

I still do not see the tvheadend addon

maybe I am looking on the wrong place?

thanks for guiding

Again, have you checked here: Add ons missing PVR ?

yepp that is the spot
finally found it