[solved] Random crashes and other issues

Hi there,
my vero4k became more and more unstable lately.
I’m no expert, but I suspect kernel panics and networking issues.
Latest logs here: https://paste.osmc.tv/wariwunixo

I mainly use my wifi-connected vero4k to play music from a UPnP server (minidlna), videos from either the UPnP server or FTP, and pictures slideshow screensaver from FTP.
I have may files (>30’000 music tracks, a few hundreds movies, about 20’000 photos).
The whole music collection is usually played in random mode. So is the pictures slideshow screensaver.
My skin of choice is Mimic-LR.
My vero4k is usually up 24/7 in music mode. Fan art is enabled.
Music player is paused when I’m away.
My wifi network is off at night (1am to 6:15am).

My main issues:

  • I get random crashes, ie sad smiley screen (when I see it). Sometimes when I pause the music player and I come back after a while, I get my screen back to default menu (player stopped) so I guess this happens after a crash as well
  • I also occasionally get crashes when browsing the menus
  • when pictures screensaver is activated, after a while it freezes. Sometimes I can get back to the menu, sometimes a hard reboot is required.

Today I tried resetting kodi. It didn’t help.
I switched skins:

  • Aeon MQ9 but it’s a no go (visually appealing but laggy, fan art and pictures screensaver don’t work)
  • Embuary. As the default skin I expected more stability. I didn’t test it extensively, but I also got crashes (while browsing the menus, if I recall correctly)

Is there anything I should investigate before considering a re-install?

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.

I would recommend waiting for it to crash next and then upload logs without rebooting first.

Estuary is Kodi’s default skin.

Yes, I meant Estuary, sorry.
I’ve sticked with this default skin for a few days, no crashes to report. Hence I think my issues were skin-related.