[solved] Sad face loop after unplugging

It worked for me but froze after a while. But then OSMC skin froze to.
I use confluence with a mouse on rpi 2 & 3 with osmc no prob.

This is very unforrtunate. None of my favourite skins are working.
Would this be fixed, or we are stuck with the default skin?
It looks like an osmc issue, not kodi

It’s not an OSMC or Kodi issue. It’s that the skin developers have not updated your chosen skins for Kodi 16. If you would like you favourite skin working, then contact that skin developer.

This statement just shows how little research you’ve done into your own issue.

Complain to the skin developers. Xperience1080 5.x

The skins are working fine on Kodi 16.1.
This shows how much research I done into the issue - I added all the missing parts in OSMC and managed to add the skin.
Check this out: Arctic: Zephyr.
Arctic Zephyr (another skin that does not work) is working fine now.
Probably you are right, I should try with OpenELEC. Their support may be a bit better than ‘unistall this addon’, ‘use default skin’, ‘remove pirate (sic) repositories’
Maybe you should have checked before this thread - Dependency xbmc.gui 5.9.0 not satified - #17 by vintxi

Thank you for the badges and trust level.

The Kodi thread I linked for Xperience skin is full of reports of freeze issues across all platforms. It’s not OSMC alone that suffers using that skin.

Get lost troll.

As xperience1080 doesn’t support mouse/touch input try disabling that under Settings -> System -> Input Devices. Then install latest version of OSMC and Xpierence1080 and it should work.

Probably you put a lot of effort into OSMC and for that I can understand your frustation with certain type of comments.
I was just saying what I think, on the bases that those skins are working on different Kodi installations for other people.
From that, to call me a Troll I think is an exageration (at least). As I did not know what exactly means, I did a quick google search (research as ActionA may call it):
In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.
I do not think I did any of the above.
This beeing said please forget what I said and lets close this argument (see I do not want to be a Troll:wink:)
Please do not spent your time with my issue anymore. I will sort it as good as I can.
Good Luck

You want to “threaten” to go to OpenELEC? Really?

And at the same time you want to deride the genuine attempts at assistance people are offered?

Go to OpenELEC. Go. Now. Nobody cares.

Just get lost, you pathetic, worthless time-waster.

And YOU called me Troll.
This is a great place to get answers … you did not even tried to look into the issue.
Then I gladly get lost.
But before I go, do you remember this thread OSMC basics - #8 by slos?
Definitely you are not the brilliant one in there :wink:
or here Dependancy failed for local file system. After July update - #192 by sam_nazarko

  • No debug log
  • No mention of which skin you tried to use. You mention Arctic Zephyr later, but not where you got it from or the version.

So there isn’t much to look into, unless you have read How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

This seems like deflection. In both of those threads there is some pretty evident trolling.

Maybe. But they’ll still need a log :wink:

If someone names a skin which works on Jarvis but not on OSMC, I’ll have a look at the issue. Just let me know where to get the skin from



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Then GO already.

Go kill open source somewhere else.


  • I was not asking for support I was replying to this:
  • This is the thread for one of the skins who is supported on Kodi Jarvis and does not work on OSMC. I got to this thread looking to find a solution to use the Arctic Zephyr skin - link to the skin posted a few posts above this one: Arctic: Zephyr
  • I looked through their replies and they seem to be respectful.

  • I checked a few threads before on this forum this looking for a solution and I noticed that even when providing logs, the answer is the same - someone elses addon or repository is to blame (once again, I am not saying that OSMC is the problem)

  • Arctic: Zephyr - Arctic: Zephyr
    I have it working on OSMC also, but I had to manually update a few of the Addons required in the above link.
    2 of them I had to install (can’t remeber which, unfortunatelly)
    For some reason, the Addons do not update automatically since update to Jarvis (I have Auto update ON in Addons settings)

I propose to close the whole thing here, this thread is not about me beeing a troll or not.
All of us (except K maybe :innocent:) have better things to do.
As I said, skin is installed and working fine for now.
Thank you for your work (especially as is free) and whish you good luck in make it the best OS for Kodi.


P.S. - as already requested, please delete my account, no need for it anymore

(I created the account just to say thank you to Zarrjazz in this thread Dependency xbmc.gui 5.9.0 not satified - #5 by marco219 and i got carried away. Sorry)

You were NOT respectful.

You insulted people trying to help.

Piss off.

Wow, that escalated quickly. I run into the same problem, therefore I’m looking at this discussion. I don’t know who Trveller72 is, but the phrasing of some moderators scares me. In my opinion this is not suitable for a support board, even if Trveller72 provoked the osmc team. This is not the first time i noticed such behavior and others will also discover that. So be fair together and better ignore trolls instead of using unsuitable phrases.

I am sick to death of ungrateful, entitled twats insulting people donating their time to help others.

“Support” doesnt mean people have to put up with crap like that. This isn’t customer service. This isn’t someones job. This is someone trying to help others.

There should not be any HINT of insult or condescension from people asking for that help.

Users acting like that is KILLING open source. It’s beyond time that that behavior got stomped out of existence. But that isn’t happening. It is actually getting worse.

Which problem you are referring to? Do you have problems with xperience1080? Did you disable mouse/touch support?
If you still have problems after disabling it please explain the problems and provide full debug logs/

Yes, I am one of the xperience1080 users who ends up with a sad face bootloop after the update to Kodi 16.1. At the moment I am using one of the default skins until Piers, one of the experience1080 developer, found a solution. He’s already search for the issues. Therefore I follow the skin discussions @Xperience1080 5.x

So atm I don’t want to try something, because I am happy that I could made OSMC run again with some ssh commands. Thought, in my opinion the system runs better on 16.0. Especially at multitasking (presumably) the mediacenter process can freeze. I mentioned it here: Xperience1080 5.x. Since that I avoid multitasking operations and sit out the problem.

Quick update everyone: the xperience1080 skin has been bugfixed by the developer in the newest release, and these sad face loops no longer happen! I’ve run it successfully, without hiccups, for a couple days now, and it works just fine.