[SOLVED] Screenshot bug (not a bug)

Using latest 2017.044-1 on rasbperry pi 2
When I try to create a screenshot, I get a popup “Search folder” window
This floating window appears twice, I mean, I have to close it two times to get back to the previous screen.

It happens using keyboard’s Ctrl+S, but also happens via SSH using
kodi-send --action=“takescreenshot”

Any idea how to fis this?

It’s not a bug. You have to use that screen to direct Kodi where to place the screenshot. It only occurs on the first attempt to take a screenshot. After that, all subsequent screenshots will be placed in that location.

I feel so noob :disappointed_relieved:
screenshots are getting saved anyway, inside /home/osmc/.kodi/temp that’s why I didn’t suspect.
Thanks very much for your help

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