[SOLVED] Slow writing speed to external hard drive attached to Pi2

Hi everyone,

First off I should say that I’ve followed the instruction provided here and updated my system this morning, but it didn’t resolde anything.

I experience very slow speed (2.6 Mb/s at best, whether it’s through FTP or SMB) when I’m transfering data from my laptop to my ext4 formatted 3TB hard drive attached to my Rpi2.
My laptop is WiFi n connected to my recent router, and my Pi is wired connected.

It doesn’t seem to be related to RC2, since I had the same issue with the RC1.
My power plug is 2.1 mAh capable, it’s supposed to be of good quality (AmazonBasics).

Would it make a difference if my hard drive was mounted statically in fstab ? If so, which options are recommanded ?

Thanks !

I would start by verifying that it’s not your laptop’s wireless connection that is the bottleneck, as wifi always introduces unknown variables.

Connect your laptop via Ethernet cable and manually disable wifi on the laptop then repeat your speed test.

I cannot thank you enough !

I have an Ultrabook and no USB to Ethernet adapter at the moment, but I did try with an external WiFi dongle (AWUS036NHR) and my speed just went from 2.5 MB/s to 8 MB/s. That makes a HUGE difference for me, thanks again, problem solved – unrelated to OSMC :slight_smile: