[Solved] Spdif (toslink, JIS F05) does not fit in vero socket

The housing of the vero hits a F05 spdif connector housing preventing it to be connected. Am I supposed to use another type of optical cable?

This is a common problem with the case used for the cubox-i, see this discussion and I know the Vero has a very similar look to it. If there was any feature of the cubox-i case that should have not been kept for the Vero this should have been first on the list.

Best option would be to find a SPDIF cable with less plastic around the housing and/or some people have had luck manually trimming the cable so it snaps.

Thanks jazzboME. I"ll give the trimming a try. I have 2 cables anyway, so I can waste one.

Just to report back: I cut some (quite a lot of) plastic from the toslink connector until I was able to let it snap into the Vero socket. Worked fine and also spdiff is working via my receiver now.
Thanks again jazzboME

@sam_nazarko : Not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but overhere (The Netherlands) the cable I used is the most common toslink cable available. You might consider to add a small insert into your mould to enlarge the hole for the toslink connector for future batches (not really plug and play like this :wink: )

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