[SOLVED] Subtitles no longer working after last update

I noticed that none of my subs are working after last update. Neither local, nor external work work. Any thoughts?

Edit: nevermind. By the way, how can I delete my own thread? :slight_smile:

It’s OK to keep the thread open. If you made a small mistake, it may be useful to let other users know how you remedied it, as it may benefit them, and we may be able to make things more clear in the future


This is interesting. Subtitles seem to be a problem at random. I can not replicate it disappearing, but I can restore it. When I add a subtitle externally, it shows the subtitle. All of a sudden it disappears. I stop the movie, again start the movie en it starts with subtitles… seems odd. Will this somehow reflect in any log? It seems so random…