Solved - UKTV Play on Catch up TV & More plugin

Hi, trying to get UKTV play going through the Catch up TV & More plugin on a Vero 4k+. Installed OK (originally from OSMC repo but have tried upgrading from the repo to see if that made any difference - it didn’t.
I’m seeing two different issues.
The main one is that I can’t play any videos from UKTV play. The kodi waiting spinner keeps going until I exit the plugin by going home. I have created a valid login for UKTV play and the credentials are entered in the plugin settings.
The second (minor) issue is that the plugin settings for hiding items doesn’t work for me. There are errors and warnings in the log for both of these issues.
Of course, I don’t know if anyone else has this working?
Logs at
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried contacting the plugin maintainer about this?


Hi Sam,
Yes, I have filed an issue over at GitHub - Catch-up-TV-and-More/ Replay, Live TV and websites videos addon for Kodi
I thought I’d ask here as well in case there was anything obvious (to you/others) in the log or if this was a known problem.
Sorry, I know it’s not really your bag but your legendary helpfulness drew me in :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this add-on.

OK, thanks anyway.
For future reference, I have got it playing now, there’s just a delay of 1 - several minutes before the stream starts.