[Solved] "unable to locate package osmc-installer"

Hi, trying to install osmc on my Pi2, following the instructions here-


Everything seems to go ok until I use the line

apt-get install osmc-installer

Then I get the error “unable to locate package osmc-installer”

This is a new install on an 8gig class 10 card with the latest image of Raspbian Wheezy (Deb 7.8). What am I doing wrong?


Are you trying to run the installer on the Pi itself?


Thanks for the reply Sam, yes, I’m using ssh to get in to the pi and doing it all from the command line.

The installers are intended to be run on a device OTHER than the pi, image the card, then insert the card into the pi and boot.

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You should be running it on your desktop as it will image the card for you.

Thanks Guys, that did the trick.