[Solved] Update failed (and told me to post here)

Just got an “update failed”, and it told me to tell about it here, so here I am. I’m not sure if the log uploader worked either. I tried to upload the log two times after I couldn’t find it online the first time, the second link is this one: http://paste.osmc.io/dibuhagewe I can’t see anything on it.

I disabled noscript and adblock, and I don’t know about any other extensions that could make me unable to see it. I hope this is of any help. I’ll try to update again and see if it gets sorted out. Probably just a small hickup, as this hasn’t happened to me before. The reason why it happened might be because I’ve postponed updating, and thus had several updates waiting in line. I don’t know.

edit: After trying again, after hitting “Reboot now” the system crashed. I reconnected the power cable, booted, checked for updates and it said no updates available, so I assume it’s fine now.

Your debug log seems to be empty unfortunately. Probably a typo in the URL.

FWIW I had the same problem that ended-up as an update loop.
The problem was with my apt sources, Running apt-get update at the commandline found a bad source that I had inserted earlier and forgot, thus preventing the update from running.