[Solved] Update impossible in RPi3 with NFS Shared NAS Synology Folder

Hello All,
my first post.

I am on RPi3 and I am not able to perform an automatic or manual update.
download is ok, but after installation, I have got a message that update is not ok.

Here you are my logs,

but there is too long information for me.
I do not know where and what to search and find.

Can you help me please?

For information, after the boot, I am on a shared nfs folder (synology NAS) and my video, music, photos too.

Thank you

You get permission denied in your logs. Check the permissions and ownership on your NFS share

Thank you
I did not authorize user to access to sub folder on my synology NAS.
(So, they only have access to folder and not sub folders… do not know how it could work before…)
But Now, it is ok!

thank you @fzinken !

Maybe you want to do a new install to ensure everything is ok

Thank you, but it works fine, I do not want to perform a fresh install…