[SOLVED]Vero 4K Fails to Boot with Red LED After Power Failure

After an unexpected power overload on my UPS, the connected Vero 4K fails to boot normally.
Vero 4K is powered via bundled AC Adapter, which connected to the UPS.

Now it fall into a cycle of constantly rebooting. Upon plugging in the AC, the LED shows RED for a while and then off. The HDMI connected TV gives a brief moment of splash showing “Please standby” and then goes black. LED turns on RED again. This cycle will go on as long as AC Adapter is plugged in.

I read some of the threads here it looks like an issue of the AC Adapter. Could it be the case in my situation?

PS I files a support ticket but seems no response yet.

SOLVED: It’s a power issue. A new 5V 2A AC adapter output 5.5mm barrel solves the problem.

Could be a power supply issue. Do you have another Powersupply (5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID) that you could try? Alternatively you could also power the Vero with a USB (A-A) cable.

Not at hand. All my 5.5mm ones output 12V… No USB (A-A) cable around either.
I have a few USB A-C cables. Does it work if reversely connected with a USB C Charger?

Also, there are two USB-A port on the left side of Vero 4K. I only notice the colour difference now. I guess it means something. Which one should be used for power?


Should work, but know that USB chargers are not proper power supplies designed to supply consistent voltage when under a load, therefore are not good long term solutions if it does work for diagnostic testing.

As long as you are only providing 5v, it won’t hurt to try both if one doesn’t work.

I have replied to your ticket with details now

Well, I managed to get a same-day delivery from a local gadget shop for DC 5V 2A 5.5mm barrel adapter. With that, my Vero 4K boots normally.

AC adapters from major brands sold in that shop are either DC 12V with 5.5 barrel or DC 5V with 3.5mm barrel. Fortunately, the folk managed to find the matching type from the inventory, without any brand sticker though.
What an uncommon type Vero 4K use!. :smiley:

Thank you for all the replies. I will mark the original post as SOLVED then.