[solved] Vero 4K+ won't boot


I received my Vero 4K+ today and got it booting fine. when pressing the back key on the remote, i had some unexpected reboots. Then afet a while the device turned itself off and won’t restart.

None of the two LED (by the optical port and the plus on the front) ever light.

Reading up on the forum, i’ve tried to power the device with a phone charger and a USB cable. Sadly I only get the back led, by the optical port to turn on, the rest of the device stays silent. Doe this looks like a power supply issue of something else? Anything I could try while I wait for a replacement power supply ?

Ping support@osmc.tv and I’ll send you a new plug. A phone charger probably won’t supply enough juice. You could try a USB-A cable directly on a laptop or PC.

I received a new power plug a few days after contacting support and the device is now working fine, thanks a lot!

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Glad to hear this. Sorry for the inconvenience.