[Solved] Vero2: Volume control via SPDIF possible?


my new Vero2 has started its duty this weekend and I’m quite impressed. I might post a review soon, maybe.

I’ve attached it via SPDIF to my amplifier and I’m using the wireless remote control. Is it possible to control the volume in this setup?



Are you asking if volume can be controlled using the supplied remote? It can. A small adjustment is needed to add support for volume adjustment to the arrow keys. I will make this default in future but there is some discussion about which keys and which menus it should work on

However, if you’re passing through Dolby Digital or DTS, you’d have to adjust the volume on your amp, or the stream wouldn’t be bit perfect.


Would you mind telling me how? :wink:


Not being evasive, but I was trying to clarify your requirements.

If we get some detailed feedback we can improve remote defaults. For now, see Really basic remote questions - volume up/down? - #19 by ntate6630.

Thank you, just what I needed :slight_smile: