[Solved] Video stuttering or glitching after July update

I listed this under Help and Support (no further qualification), but specifically, i saw this on my RPi2 with a wired connection to my router with a Synology NAS and an HDHomeRun EXTEND network tuner (both wired to the same router).

After the July update i noticed some stuttering (glitching) in the video. After a lot of mucking around with router firmware and network connectivity issues, i finally jumped on the IRC and @ActionA was able to help me.

It appears that the July update (based on Kodi v15) has the Settings>Video>Acceleration>“omxplayer hardware acceleration” defaulted to disabled. If you enable this, things work a lot better! Thanks @ActionA .

Edit - Added RPi as a qualifying category per @DBMandrake 's post below

(see post above for solution). If you are not using the RPi and you do NOT have the issue after the July update, please respond. We may need to further qualify this issue to the RPi (i’m using the RPi2 for the record)

Omxplayer is a Pi only setting/feature so this issue will not apply to other platforms like the Vero.

Also the default was only changed in Isengard to omxplayer disabled for the Pi 2, so whilst a Pi 1 would also have the same issues with omxplayer disabled, it did not get it disabled by default.