[Solved]What is the super user password on OSMC?

Hey guys

I’ve tried the “su” command on my OSMC deployment on RaspberryPi2 and can’t because I don’t know the password… I’m using osmc user (username: osmc, password osmc) but wanted to user a super user to try to solve some permisson issues on my custom scripts…

thanks for your help guys



Use sudo su. I don’t think that there is a root password set by default.
The only superuser is osmc and can use sudo to get superuserrights.

Also you can use sudo without password by default. One can think of this what he wants, but in a setup that lives behind some router it will be ok and is not that uncommon for a multimediabox that is not designed to be accessible oitside if your household


Thanks mcobit, then I’ll do that, I don’t mind that the passwords are the default ones and everything runs under the root user… I agree with you, it’s not like I need NSA level security on my Home Media Center…

Cheers, and thanks for your help


Not everything runs with root rights, you can only get root rights if you are logged in as user osmc. Normally everything runs as user osmc.

Kodi runs as the osmc user, and some services run as non-root.

If you want to run an individual command as root use ‘sudo command’. If you want to switch to root use ‘sudo -s’.

The root account on osmc has no password, and is disabled:

sudo cat /etc/shadow


! means disabled
* means no password

You resurrected a 3 year old thread for this? Tsk, tsk…