Some beginner questions before ordering

Hi, I’m about to order the vero 4k+, I just have some questions, I apologize if this has been asked before:

Does it work correctly now with harmony remotes?, I read it had some issues with responsivenes, I have the harmony 650, alternative has anyone used it with the rf option instead through harmony, I have a ir-rf converter that I use my harmony to control my rf controlled lamps.

Can vero 4k+ play unalterned non compressed bluray files (remux) files with subtitles on?

With my current intel nuc and a kodi version, ( not sure if I have openelec or libreelec) I have not gotten the context menu to work as a button on the harmony, every time I want to group movies as a set together I have to connect a keyboard and mouse. Has this been fixed in osmc?

Finally does osmc support aeon nox and can I backup my current settings on my kodi version and import them to the omsc?


Hi Challe,

I’m going to leave this one to the Harmony users but the remote should work, whether it is IR or Bluetooth based. Bluetooth remotes do seem to yield a better response however.


I’m not quite sure it’s a problem to start with, but your keymap on your harmony may need adjusting.

Kodi skins will run on OSMC.

Yes – provided that you are backing up from a device running the latest stable version of Kodi (i.e. Kodi v18). You could update from an older version but it may not go as smoothly.

Do let us know if you have any other questions



thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: Is there an option to turn of the ir receiver in the vero?as I said I can send rf signals with my harmony ( through my ir-rf converter ) but since my remote also sends then using ir the vero will receive double signals?

The Vero will just ignore the IR signals unless you train it to understand them. Out of the box the Vero will ignore all IR signals.

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great, sound like it might work with rf then :slight_smile:

Works fine with Harmony remote but as Sam said you will have to update keymap. Context button works for me.

I run multiple Vero 4K+ units with Harmony 650 remotes. I use the Logitech Harmony software to map the context button to the Guide button and then the keymap addon to map it to the OSD menu when playing videos (so I can see CPU, decoders and other info). I have no problems playing uncompressed Blu-Ray rips with subtitles. There is an issue when trying to stream BluRay high bandwidth videos over 5ghz wireless and using IR remotes. It has to do with interrupts on the Vero 4k+. Sam and I worked on a fix and is being incorporated into OSMC 2.x in the future.if you run into this issue we can provide instructions on how to fix and an RC6 keymap file which works with the Harmony 650s.

thanks for the info, I will try again when I get the device, I plan to plug in the ethernet cable so no wireless for me but good to know :slight_smile:

OK. If you need help with any key mapping and such don’t hesitate to ask.

Got my vero 4k+ now:), but it seams like the ir on mine was activated already cause I could use my harmony right after I added vero in the harmony setup, but I will try to see if I can use my ir-rf converter for better responsivness, how do I disable ir on the vero?

Just select a different remote profile

for me the vero 4k works perfect with my Harmony 555 and the IR Extender.
Aeon Nox also works perfectly, Im using AEON Tajo, its based on AEON Nox.

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Sam, what is the default remote called so I can switch back if my harmony setup fails, do you mean I can switch to any non ir based remote profile?, some clarifying please :slight_smile:

It’s the ‘OSMC remote’.
Just select a remote that you haven’t configured, like Xbox 360 or remove the profile from your Harmony.