Some Bluetooth Problems I encounter frequently

  1. “Enable Bluetooth” setting doesn’t get saved. I often have to re-enable it.
  2. When I re-enable Bluetooth it shows my paired Keyboard, but when I open the sub-menu and click “Reconnect” OSMC just freezes and I have to pull the plug.


But without any debug logs or more information not a lot can be done. Please enable debug mode in Kodi, reboot, then try to reproduce the problems that you are having, then use the log uploader to upload your logs.

What platform are you running on (Pi 1, 2, Vero) and if a Pi, what kind of bluetooth adaptor do you have ?

When you say it “just freezes” are you sure it’s not just the user interface that has hung for a while ? Can you still ping the device or log in via SSH ? It’s unlikely to be a hard system freeze if its a software issue.

Oh, I didn’t know that you have to enable debugging in the Kodi settings.
I used the log uploader and wondered why the link didn’t show anything. I’m updating the system now and then I’ll try again :smile:

You should still get a log without enabling debugging, but the log will be fairly terse and generally won’t show what is needed unless debugging is turned on. Only the Kodi log is affected - the other logs are the same regardless.

Well now it worked without a problem, of course. I’ll try to reproduce it regardless in the coming days and will post the logs when I catch it.

But it seems you guys have not implemented a feature to put Bluetooth devices on Stand-by, yet.

Not sure what you mean. What kind of bluetooth device ?

If you’re using a keyboard it’s the keyboards responsibility to put itself to sleep when keys haven’t been pressed for a while, not the receiving device.

Sorry, I’ll try to explain it better:

I used OpenELEC before. In the settings, you could select “Keep BT device alive”. If you selected this, you could wake the Keyboard by pressing any button and waiting a few seconds.
So far, this hasn’t worked for me on OSMC. I always have to reconnect it via visibility mode.