Some news about Kodi 19 (and OSMC)

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Amlogic: Remove platform

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samnazarko commented 3 days ago

    @lrusak Thank you for copying me in this PR.

I agree that things must move forward.

Unless AML is proving to be a maintenance burden, I would suggest that it is not removed until then.

We need some time to transition to the new decode pathway.

Removal after 1st June would be fine for me.

For me a very good news for our Vero boxe(s)

:blush: Could you clarify it, why is it good for us?

The bad news is Kodi is pulling AML support.

The good news is Sam knows how to deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I hope everything goes well.
I have recetly revisited my Vero 4k (not the + version). When I have bought this unit about 1,5 years ago I was not pleased with 1OOmb network performance with UHD content, but recantly I have bought ethernet to usb adapter for smooth UHD playback and it really works, UHD content is silky smooth, no problems at all. I have tried several media players, Apple TV 4K, some zidoo player… and I think Vero is the best for local media playback from my NAS. I am really pleased with it. I am really thrilled with such an active support on this forum, it’s amazing community.
I am wondering if you are planing to launch a hardware refresh, maybe some option for more „premium looking” device, alumium enclosure, more powerfull new soc, backlit remote etc …

I think there’s some confusion here. Kodi are removing the proprietary SW implementation for AMLogic SoCs but this won’t cause issues for OSMC users. We will move towards a mainline stack.

We are always working on new products, but don’t comment about their progress and availability.