Some official add-ons not working on a new install, is this normal?

As a new user to OSMC (but a long time Linux user), I must say I’m disappointed and discouraged. I have the system up and running and updated from the command line (apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade). Then I installed various add-ons, including PlutoTV and HaystackTV, and successfully configured NordVPN. However, even before the VPN configuration, those two add-ons in particular fail to run and notify of errors.

It looks like possibly a Python issue, maybe I shouldn’t have updated? Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Running on Raspberry Pi 3B
OSMC Version 2019-07-1
Logs: v1.1.4 installed
Seems to be an API change, you would need to install the lasted version (1.1.5b) based on the forum

Seems not been updated since a while maybe also a page format change issue?