Some random crashes


Sometimes OSMC on mi Pi 3 crashes. It freezes. Sometimes it seems to be working and when I turn on my TV there is just a black screen or home freezing screen. Each time it craches, the CPU green LED stays on like if it works at maximum frequency. I need to restart brutally my PI (during the crash I cannot access via SSH or SMB). Sometimes It needs multiple restart, at the first time it starts and freeze with the home menu on screen.

It happends when I use it or just randomly and I discover the crash later when I want to use it.

Here my logs


I don’t think there is anything particularly insightful in those logs as they don’t contain the crash itself. That green light is not the CPU, It is SD card activity. If it was me I would clone the install to a new SD card and see what happens. If you have a different PSU laying around that would be something the try as well.

Thank you for your answer, I will make a new install on another Pi which is not used, with a new SD Card. I was hoping that I could fix the problem without reinstall the OSMC and all the packages :confused: .
I have another PSU too and I will try to use it with the actual OSM/PI installation.

Thank you

Me too, that’s why I suggested you clone the SD card. On a quick glance through that log I didn’t spot anything obviously corrupted so I don’t see why that wouldn’t be worth a try. If you used something like Win32diskimager on a PC (or similar program if your using a different OS) the process should be fairly trivial.

Some news, as I was waiting for my new SD card, I tried to boot once more. A warning message appeared that said to me that the card was almost full.

I searched with SSH which files could have filled my card (32 Go !) and I found them. In /var/lib/clamav/ there were plenty of big .tmp files (about 500 Mo each). I uninstalled the antivirus (pretty useless on OSMC) and deleted all the files. Now I can boot whitout any troubles (for the moment, I don’t count my chickens before they’re hatched) and OSMC boots much faster.

If the crashes come back, I will try to clone the SD card or install OSMC properly.

Have a good day !

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That’s crazy. When you grabbed that log it was showing you still had 4.7G free on the SD so it didn’t set off any alarm bells for me. Nice find.