Some scraped movies don't show up in the menu

Im running osmc on raspberry pi 3 B and recently I experienced the following:
Some movies that showed up before don’t show up anymore. I tried to rescrape but it didn’t help.
The most interesting thing is that if I start the movie from the file browser it starts to play and if I stop it it shows up in the menu as in progress movie with all the meta data.
So the problem is not with scraping. They just don’t show up.
Version info:
Osmc 2020.06-1 kernel: Linux 4.19.122-1-osmc
Kodi 18.7

Do you have any suggestions?

In the slideout menu there is an option to cycle between viewing watched, unwatched, and all videos. Is this maybe the reason? The only other thing I can think of is if you have movie sets enabled and these movies are part of a set.

Yep. I had the unwatched filter selected. Thanks! Such a noob mistake… :grin:

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