Some sort of OSMC-Sync Feature

I use OSMC on 5 different televisions in my home and would love to have some sort of feature where I can create an account, sign in, and have all of the shows I have watched on Pi 1 be already checked off in Pi 2 through 5. In the same effect, it would be great to be able to save a favorite on one unit and have that favorite synced to another device. Is this something that may be forseeable?

This is a Kodi feature that already exists.

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I have not seen this before, thank you.

Also, there is some software that can do this called Emby

I was previously using the mysql database solution but have found this to be much simpler.
You can also edit incorrect metadata right in a web browser, have multiple user accounts and stream to other devices.

To get it to work with the Pi s and any other Kodi device use the plugin

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This sounds good but is making Kodi a bit redundant. If you want the functions of emby I think it is more of a question if it makes sense to think of having emby instead of Kodi

I have been using Emby with Kodi for about a month now and dont feel emby replaces kodi in any aspect.

Emby acts as a central server for storing meta data and can act as a DLNA server / transcoder for devices like phones and TVs (i guess thats where you may say it makes kodi redundant, however I would disagree on the grounds that every TV DLNA client I have tried has been utter rubbish which is why i love my Pis and OSMC :smile: )

I use Emby for tracking watched items across multiple user accounts and getting the file metadata / easily edit incorrect metadata. The Pi still directly accesses the files instead of transcoding them down so there is no quality loss and it enables watched status, resume etc across multiple Pis

Works for me, just thought id point it out for @flatlandju as he sounds like he is in the same boat i was

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been meaning to install Emby

@spudy12 wondering how good it is once its installed pros/cons etc.


-It allows easy editing of incorrect meta data for films / tv via a web browser. (Get IMDB / moviedb ID and it will import that info)
-Allows me to have multiple user account with separate watched / resume status synced across multiple Pi’s and tablet apps
-Allows you to add another user if you are watching an item and they want it to appear in their watched list
-Can still stream directly from storage device (ie. NAS) rather than pass through the PC running Emby server.
-Really quick. Running on Pi 2’s. Just as fast as using NFS / Mysql
-Lots of active development on the emby project.

-Getting head around inital setup can be confusing. My advice for setting up a Pi with emby, start from a fresh install. Don’t set anything up. Install the plugin, let it do initial sync
-Inital sync can take a while depending on library size.

So far no other cons! Been running it for roughly a month this way,

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