Some TV show don't show up in menu

Some TV Shows dont’t show up in the TV Shows menu.

For example, I have this structure of Folders/Files:

\TV Show
    \Season 01
        \S01E01 - {episode_name}
    \Season 02
        \S02E01 - {episode_name}
    \Season 03
        \S03E01 - {episode_name}

But OSMC only show the first two seasons. This only happened for some TV shows, not all of them.

Make sure that its correctly identified towards thetvdb easiest is to see what they call the show on their tracker since it scrapes from there

There’s a Missing Movies Add-on that will show you media in your shares that hasn’t been added into your library. It also does TV Shows. It’s a very handy add-on to run once in a while to see what Kodi has failed to scrape.

I installed this Add-on but I didn’t manage to make it work.

I can scan for missing TV Shows and Movies, but I cannot manage to make them to show up in TV Shows menu.

Cross check for how it identifies each episode. Your show might be strange.