Some videos have skipping or un-synced audio

For some of my videos, the audio skips, and eventually just quits. Sometimes the video and audio are out-of-sync (as well as with the sub-titles). I have not (yet) found any common factor among the videos that are doing this. Again, this is only for certain videoes specified.

I uploaded logs to

I should note that when I first tried to upload logs, I got a response back with “\<html>”. After that I tried updating osmc. I think only the osmc skin updated. But, afterwards, the above url was returned.

I will try several videos again that I know have this problem, and upload those logs as well.

This is after I got all of my network problems resolved and optimized everything that seemed to need it. Performance problems disappeared after that. I can play full 4K UHD videos with no problems. But do note that i can’t do this using the internal builtin wifi; I have an access point that I plug into the vero lan port, This gives me more than enough bandwidth needed.

Fortunately, this seems to fails for a few videos,. Hopefully the other videos in collection will still play well.

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