Someone ever tried to run wine or virtualbox M$Windows on the vero (is it even possible 4 hardware ?)

Hi all;
happy with my vero but can’t get around the lack of a software as good as MediaMonkey to handle my music.
So for now it’s kind of a mess cause I have to keep 2 devices on 24/24h and 7/7day : a windows device solely for my Mediamonkey and the vero for everything else.
So as i only need just one piece of software I think I could bring alive an optimized virtual windows directly running on the vero. Anybody ever tried this ? can the hardware handle these architecture ? e (of course, for sanity, I will limit the windows part to a minimal service with just one application)
All help will be much appreciated,

This isn’t possible unfortunately.

You could certainly install qemu and have a go at installing windows with it.
But don’t think this will run windows 7 with usable speed for anything.

Windows 95 would be almost usable maybe.

What exactly are you wanting managing with your music? Forum users may be able to offer some suggestions if you let us know what it is you are doing and want to do.

I’ve used Subsonic before and found it works fantastically, but it all depends on what you want.

@Toast wrote the steps required to install it, however have a read of the thread as some further fiddling is required.

Well, I must confess I was already fearing these kind of fact.
(But still was keeping some hope)

Didn’t knew Subsonic, martin, so I will give it a try.
And to answer you shortly : it’s just because after you tried so hard many tools , then found one that’s close to perfect for a decade you just miss it and don’t want to restart from scratch (Things are tagged, labeled, rated, a clean and multifunctional database, powerful plugins to do crazy stuff)… So you just desperately look for a way to stay whith it .

So thanks, I will try subsonic, maybe try mcobit tip with a windows95 (as we don’t need a octo-core CPU speed for reading music anyway, maybe it will be OK) and if all fails, well I will have to go beyond.

Thanks all

I’d get an intel compute stick / x86 tablet or similar if running that program is absolutely crucial / no alternates available - at least that way you’d recoup the cost in electricity in no time.

Win95 in qemu was a joke :wink:

This program probably won’t even run on Win95.

It is stated that it runs with wine… So something like Exagear could be an option, but as you would need X11, you couldn’t run kodi at the same time.
What renders the vero useless for playback when using this program.

This is all a lot of hassle and if you want to run it all the time with low power usage, get a compute stick or something with an intel cpu that can run desktop windows.

AFAIK your posts makes clear that the best alternative will definitely be to go by the compute stick (or equivalent)
Thanks for the help guys