Something changed in sound output after the last update?

after installing the last update I have the impression that sound in movies is generally lower than before.
I have OSMC installed on a RPI1, connected through HDMI to a LG tv.
I have no external decoders or speakers, sound comes out the tv.

In the last few days, I watched some movies from my library and It seems to me that the volume of the sound is quiter than it was.

Can this be or is just my idea?


This has been my impression too. I’m using the analogue output and I’ve had to turn up the physical volume of the speakers to match the feeling of my pre-upgrade OSMC (Kodi 15.2).

I’ve noticed that this is persisting when playing videos. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem because I could just increase the speaker’s volume manually to offset the effect, however, I notice that when I skip backwards (rewind) that the audio increases to an uncomfortable decibel for about one second before returning to normal. Now when I skip backwards, I mute the volume before the skip and unmute it after which is a bit inconvenient.

Is this a known issue? I can provide logs if it would be useful.